Body Parts Post

Below is a link I made on youtube describing the directional terms of the body parts. Not amazing graphics it is my first video but it explains the terms a bit more visually. The actual terms are defined below!

Body Erect- feet slightly apart, palms facing forward, thumbs pointing away from body.

Superior- Towards the head or upper part of the body

Inferior-  Away from the head or toward the lower end of the body

Anterior- Toward the front of the body

Posterior- Toward the back of the body

Medial- toward the midline of the body

Lateral- Away from the midline of the body

Intermediate- Between a medial and lateral structure

Proximal- Closer to the origin of the body

Distal- Father from the origin of the body

Superficial- Toward the surface of the body. The skin is more superficial than the heart.

Deep- away from the body surface, more interior

Sagittal- divides the body into right and left parts

Midsagittal- Sagittal plane that lies on the midline

Transverse or horizontal- divides the body to interior and superior parts

Oblique Sections- Cuts made diagnolly


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